Kullaberg, located just north of my home town Helsingborg, is a favorite place that I regularly return to.  A rugged place that always is changing with season and weather.

Söderåsen is much more than the National Park carrying this name. The park is limited to a smaller area called Skäralid where there is a geologically interesting gorge. There ís more to it with a varying landscape.

The closeness to my home makes it easy to come here a nice evening or for some hours a morning during the weekend.

The world is full of spectacular places whereof I been fortunate to visit a few. These are some of my pictures keeping my memories alive.

Visits to different places in the Nordic countries has convinced me that we have an outstanding nature close by. The mountains and fjords in Norway, the Finnish wild forests and tranquility by the lakes, the Danish coastline and the Icelandic volcanoes and new lands are all as good as any other exotic location from a photographic point of view.

I do most of my photography in the southern region of Sweden which is called Skåne. You find some pictures from various favorite places here.

My photographic focus has recently shifted to the Scottish landscape due to a change in my life.

It is a fantastic opportunity to get to find new places and environlments in this varied and beautiful country with the camera.

I hope to be able to fill this gallery with new pictures as time passes and I find new locations and conditions.

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