Nature photography from Sweden, Scotland and the world

Rimor-to explore

I named my webpage after the latin word to explore - rimor. This is a good summary of my way to relate to my interest of nature photography,

I combine my interest for travels and to spend time in the nature with a search of interesting motives that could become good photographs. It is also an inner exploration for personal development.

The exploration of my abilities is an on-going search of improvement and increased knowledge. This in an endless effort since the touch of it floats away and needs nurturing.


The nature is always changing through seasons, growth, natural changes and by man. But, never forget the impact of the light and how it affects the way we experience the nature and how it changes the images.

To spend time in nature searching for new experiences is a way to gather energy and at the same time relax from day-to-day life.

I hope to contribute to a positive view of nature with my pictures and to create more curiosity to explore more. Hopefully this can make some of us do a bit more to support the nature into the future.


Travels have been an important part of my life, wether travelling within Sweden or to different parts of the world. I have explored the nature in our neighboring countries for the past few years.

There is so much to explore rather close to home and there is no need to travel to far and exotic destinations from an image creation perspective, rather the opposite. There is an abundance of opportunities here.

However, the  travel itself and what I experience along the way is tempting and wakes my curiosity. The search for new experiences is a part of the excitement and there are so many opportunities. I hope you find some inspiration among my images.

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